Noveks Art Gallery is the only art gallery in Toronto that concentrates exclusively on modern and contemporary Russian artists. Natalyia Kinal opened up Noveks in the heart of down town Toronto on Church and Queen two years ago. A passionate and motivated art dealer and collector, Natalyia personally selected each piece of art in the development of this exceptional collection, with the desire to bring the very best of Russian Art to the Canadian public.

Russian art, painting in particular, has gained in popularity over the past few decades. There is no other school of art that focuses exclusively on the interpretation of the emotional state of nature and individuals as the Russian school of art. Traditional Russian painting consists of several different styles that have developed over the past five to six hundred years. From approximately the 14th century to the 17th century, Russian painting, as most painting from around the world during this era, was extremely religious. The 18th century brought about a shift towards a more Western, secular, style of painting, while the 19th century, particularly the second half of the century, saw Russian painting gain in recognition all over Europe, for its astonishing realism. The Russian school of art became a pioneer at the beginning of the 20th century with the development of an entirely new style of Abstract Art that became widely known as Russian Avangard. During the Soviet era that followed, despite strong political censorships, Russian artists were able to add new life to the more traditional realistic forms. This period is known officially as the doctrine of social realism.

At the present time, Russian painting is becoming immensely popular among art collectors all over the world. The Art galleries in Moscow, the capital of Russia, are flourishing. Prices of paintings are rising steadily, and impressive exhibitions are opening everywhere. In her search for distinguished Russian artists the Noveks Gallery owner came upon legacies of two recently passed away important Russian painters. One of them is Veniamin Safonov , brilliant Russian Impressionist of Soviet era , well known to American and European collectors and art dealers , the other one –a legendary Nikolai Getman ,former Gulag prisoner - the only Russian artist who left behind an impressive collection of paintings dedicated to victims of Gulag. The collection was published by American Jamestown foundation and assessable via internet. But our gallery has exclusive rights to another part of Getman collection his landscapes and figurative paintings depicting everyday life of Eskimo people the Inuit of the Russian North.

Noveks Art gallery operates in both countries in Canada and Russia. We are helping Russian artists to organize shows in Moscow and at the same time we do our best trying to promote them in North America. Russian Art deserves it.